At DeHUB, we work to support all the start-ups incubated at the centre to produce quality products, help the founders penetrate the market and equip them with skills and knowledge to remain relevant in the market. At DeHUB, we help start-ups apply information, imagination and skills in deriving greater or different values from resources and all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. DeHUB team also acts as advisory to the start-ups and promoters of the invention to the market. Through our DeHUB research unit, we publish research papers on new knowledge and/ or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings on various trends that enlighten our start-ups (and the public in general) and help them make the right decisions in regards to their products, the market and investments.


This is the first category that is open to everybody who wants to be part of DeHUB community. The use of space by the members in this category is limited to events only.


This is for people who are working on various projects and are looking forward to network with experts with different skills.
Under this category, members can make use of our facilities on casual basis.


Simba package provides full residence status at DeHUBThus start-ups willing to have a dedicated space can join this package. Ndovu members get first priority to join simba.

Nelion Farm is your companion in Farming. The Nelion Farm is a system that monitors a greenhouse by accurately regulating the conditions best fit for the particular crop. It consists of a set of sensors and modules, with collect data and triggers the system to control the farm based on it. Perhaps, the most amazing thing about the Nelion Farm is access to the internet. The farmer can control the greenhouse easily with his or her smart-phone, through a user friendly app, which is easy to understand and operate. More so they could log in to his account in our website and control it from there or also through SMS.

E-BLOOD is a web application that enables you to connect instantly to the growing network of blood donors using location based services, we connect real time to the right people. Instead of patients dying due to delays in blood delivery services, E-BLOOD will provide you with the list of those donors who will help you.

Hakiki application is about empowering the consumers verify whether the products they are using are from legit manufacturers or not. We have various ways through which our platform can be accessed we have SMS, android, USSD and web. The platform generates unique codes which are embedded on the products. The users verify these codes using their preferred platform.

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