About Us

At DeHUB, we work to support all the start-ups incubated at the centre to produce quality products, help the founders penetrate the market and equip them with skills and knowledge to remain relevant in the market.

At DeHUB, we help start-ups apply information, imagination and skills in deriving greater or different values from resources and all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. DeHUB team also acts as advisory to the start-ups and promoters of the invention to the market.

Mission, vision and Objectives


To be a world-class Centre for inspiring creativity, nurturing and commercialization of innovations


To be a world-class Centre for inspiring creativity,nurturing and commercialization of innovations


-To nurture and develop ideas or innovations into start-ups

-To foster a unique, collaborative and entrepreneurial culture

-To establish a platform for speedy commercialization of innovations

-To promote national development through creation and development of new enterprises

-To build the capacity of different stakeholders through mentorship and training