Meet the team behind development of Wild_Eye Ke. 

Wild Eye_Ke

Wild Eye_KE seeks to bring technology to the wild to monitor & track animal activities & notify authorities in case animals stray away from the wildlife protected areas (WPAs), reducing poaching & human interaction with wild animals away from WPAs.
Wildeye is a startup that is currently incubated at DeHUB and has participated in the global imagine cup competition. The startup uses a device to monitor the activities of the wild animals and help prevent poaching and human wildlife conflict. The startup has recently pivoted to match the KWS demand for animal collars that help monitor the animal behavior in the park.
Wild Eye_Ke was placed first runners-up in the #ImagineCup Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Semifinals. The team is now focused on manufacturing of the devices.

The Wild_Eye Ke team during their presentation at #ImagineCup Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Semifinals.